RIP Orange Wednesdays - but you can still save at the cinema

2 4 1 cinema offers

For the past DECADE, Wednesdays have been synonymous with going to the cinema on the cheap, thanks to getting 2for1 tickets for just texting FILM to 241. But those days are gone. The last chance to take part in Orange Wednesdays is the 25th of February, and it’s rapidly approaching.

It truly is the end of an era for all cinephiles and dedicated money savers. However, there’s no need to be too distraught, as we’ve got deals and offers for all the major cinema chains to fill your evenings with reasonably priced movies and popcorn.

Every cinema has different prices depending on its location.We’re going to show the savings you can make from the standard price at our closest cinema in London - but do have a look at your local price list to see more accurate examples.


odeon offers

Standard prices (ODEON Surrey Quays):

Two standard adult tickets (Friday evening): £20.70

Two student tickets (Friday evening): £16.00

How beat the standard price

Best offer: £8.71 for two student tickets for Saturday/Sunday

A student subscription to The Times is £20 for a year. You get full access to The Times’ website, and its Times+ exclusive offers - which includes a code every week to get two weekend ODEON tickets for the price of one.

Tickets must be booked online and will incur a booking fee of 50p per ticket (they only charge you once for 2 for 1) and a card fee of 21p. If you use this offer more than once in an entire year, then you’ll have made your money back.

Runner up deals

£12 for two student tickets Monday-Thursday

If you have a uni/college ID card, you can get ODEON’s student prices. HOWEVER, if you buy an NUS Extra card (£12 a year for students, or graduates) you can get an additional 25% off the student/13-17 teen ticket price at the box office Monday-Thursday.

£13 for two tickets on Tuesday

If you fancy going to the cinema on a Tuesday, you’re in luck. At most ODEON cinemas across the country, you can get a healthy discount as part of Odeon Bargain Tuesdays. At our local cinema, all Tuesday tickets are £6.50 each - a saving of £3.85 on an adult ticket bought on another day of the week.

£14.00 for two tickets before 5pm Mon-Thurs

If you go to the cinema before 5pm Monday-Thursday you can save yourself a bit of cash. These are classed as Supersaver tickets and are £7 each, plus, you’ll probably get a good seat as these showings are rarely busy. Be warned that you won’t get this price on Bank Holidays.

Remember to check our ODEON page too for more shorter-lived deals.


vue cinema offers

Standard prices (Vue Stratford):

Two standard adult tickets (Friday evening): £28.90

Two student tickets (Friday evening): £25.70

How beat the standard price

Best offer: £14.45 for two tickets on a Wednesday

Vue have a brand new offer that should be a suitable replacement for Orange Wednesdays (at least for the month of March). Just sign up for a code here and enter your details - it's supposed to be for EE/Orange customers only, but if you deselect 'send membership number by SMS' they'll email you the code and it won't matter which network you're with. If you ARE with Orange or EE, you can text the word 2for1 and your email address to 51055. Then just take your code to the cinema and give it to the cashier when you buy your tickets during March, or enter your code while booking online..

Runner up deals

£20.30 for two tickets on a Tuesday

Tuesday is the day to pick up cut-price tickets at Vue. At all cinemas nationwide, you can bag up to a third off the standard ticket price when you have a Super Tuesday membership number. To get one, just go onto the Vue website and enter your details and it will send you one. You can also text the word SUPER and your email address to 51055 (one standard rate text message) and it will text one back. You’ll need to enter your membership number when you book online, or give it to the cashier at the box office if you’re buying tickets at the cinema.


orange wednesdays cineworld

Standard prices (Cineworld West India Quay):

Two standard adult tickets (Friday evening): £21.90

Two student tickets (Friday evening): £16.30

How to beat the standard price

Best offer: £11 for two tickets, drinks and popcorn

If you’re someone who often leaves it too late to see a film in the cinema, Cineworld’s Take 2 showings might be perfect for you. There’s only one showing a week on a Thursday evening, and it’s always a film that’s a few months old - BUT it’s only £11 for 2 tickets, two drinks and popcorn. Which, considering the going rate for cinema food is a HUGE bargain. You need to book online for this offer, and the film changes each week, so keep checking the Take 2 page for updates.

Runner up deals

£15.22 for two student tickets at any time

Most cinemas’ online booking platforms charge you booking/card fees for reserving a seat online, but Cineworld actually knocks off 10%. To get a bit of extra discount all you need is a free MyCineworld account, which you need to be able to book online, they do charge a 50p booking fee per ticket, but most tickets are more than £5, so it's still a saving).

£12 for two tickets on a Tuesday (£11.80 if booked online with MyCineworld)

Like a few of the other cinemas, it seems Tuesday is the new Wednesday at Cineworld. To take advantage of Bargain Tuesdays all you need to do is turn up at the cinema on a Tuesday (or book online for an extra 10% off).

Remember to check our Cineworld page too for more shorter-lived deals.

Picturehouse Cinemas

hackney picturehouse cinema offer

Standard prices (Greenwich Picturehouse):

Two standard adult tickets (Friday evening): £25.20

Two student tickets (Friday evening): £23.20

How beat the standard price

Best offer: £15 for two student tickets (or £11.60 for freshers)

If you live near a Picturehouse cinema it’s worth considering buying a student membership. It’s £15 a year, which gets you two free tickets to see any film (a one-off), 10% off food and drinks and an extra £2 discount on top of the existing student ticket price for any further tickets you buy.

At around £10 a ticket, even if you just use the two free tickets it's definitely worth it and if you're a fresher you can even get a year's membership for FREE (with one free ticket). To get one, sign up online and show your student ID at the cinema when you go and pick up your card, or just ask at the box office.

Runner up deals

Picturehouse doesn’t run any national offers on tickets, BUT there are different days and times when tickets are sold at a reduced price at different cinemas. Check your local listings for information on special offers, for example, our local Picturehouse offers £5.50 tickets for student members on a Monday.


empire student deal

Standard prices (Empire Bromley):

Two standard adult tickets (Friday evening): £16.50

Two student tickets (Friday evening): £11

How beat the standard price

Best offer: £7.50 for two tickets on a Tuesday

Saverday Tuesday at Empire allows you to save up to 50% on your tickets. It doesn’t offer a special student price with this promotion, but it’s still the best value day to go to the cinema by a long way. Just turn up at the cinema and buy a ticket, or book online (+70p per ticket booking fee). However, this offer isn’t valid on Bank Holidays unfortunately.

Runner up deals

£7.50 for two tickets on a Thursday

If Tuesdays don’t work for you, Empire also run ‘Last chance to see Thursdays’, where you can catch a film that’s been showing in cinemas for a while at the Saverday Tuesday price. It’s a different film each week at each cinema, so you’ll have to check what’s on at your local.


showcase cinema deal

Standard prices (Showcase Newham):

Two standard adult tickets (Friday evening): £17.90

Two student tickets (Friday evening): £14.90

How beat the standard price

Best offer: £12.50 for two tickets Sunday after 7pm and Monday/Tuesday

If Showcase is your nearest screen, it’s totally worthwhile setting up an Insider membership, which is free to join and it’ll bag you £6.25 (£8.25 3D) tickets for showings after 7pm on a Sunday, and on a Monday or Tuesday. You need to book in person at the box office to get these prices, just flash your insider card.

Independent Cinemas

independent cinema offers

Supporting your local independent cinema is often significantly cheaper than going to the multiplex down the road. Our nearest indie, has £5 tickets for everyone, all week long. Another example is the Plaza in Dorchester, has £2.50 tickets on a weekday or £3.50 tickets on a weekend.

Have a look at the Independent Cinema Office for a list of independent screens near you.

Compare The Market

UPDATE: it's been announced [20/3/2015] that Compare The Market has taken over Orange Wednesdays.

From Fri 3 Apr new Compare the Market customers will be able to download the Meerkat Movies app where they can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a year.

We've had a quick look and you can insure yourself on a holiday within the UK for a week for just £2.50-ish, so if you're not already buying insurance you can get a year of 2 for 1 movies for just a few pounds.

If you've bought something from Compare the Market in the past 12 months you can download the app for Android or iOS NOW. You'll be able to get 2 for 1 tickets for a year after your last Compare the Market purchase, see the Meerkat Movies page for more information.


tastecard cinema offers

Got a Tastecard? It’s not just food you can get a bargain on. Tastecard offers up to 40% off cinema tickets from Cineworld, Empire, Showcase, Picturehouse and independent cinemas. Take a look at the Tastecard+ cinema page to see which cinemas near you take part. A pair of adult tickets at our local Cineworld are £12.40 instead of £22.40.

You can get the codes sent to you by post, email or SMS, and you either show the code at the ticket office or use it to book online. You can buy a maximum of five pairs of ticket per month.

Tastecards aren’t free (unless you got one with your bank), the standard price is £79.99 per year (but there are usually half price offers on - so don’t pay full price), but you can get a free one month trial at any time to see if it’s worth having.

Free Cinema Tickets

free cinema tickets

Show Film First

You’re reading this, so its fair to say you are probably a bit of a bargain hunter. And if there is anything we know a bargain hunter loves, it’s a freebie. Show Film First is a company that has set up FREE preview showings of brand new films (so new they’re not even out yet) and all you need to do in return is fill out a short survey telling them what you thought of it.

To get in on the action just set up a Show Film First account and wait for them to email you invites. When you get an email you need to be quick book your tickets, they usually go in minutes, and if you remember to give feedback you’re more likely to be invited to more films.

If you’re a real film buff you’ll probably already be signed up to the Show Film First mailing list, but it’s well worth watching their Facebook page like a hawk, as they often advertise spare tickets on it too.

Student Film First

There are other places to get free tickets, including SMS’ own Student Film First, you just need a student email to sign up (or message if your uni/college doesn’t give you one).

Slackers Club

E4 and Picturehouse cinemas run Slackers Club, student only film previews that show about once a month at Picturehouses all over the country. To join the club, just go into a Picturehouse cinema with your student ID and ask to be signed up. It’s totally free, and after you do that you can apply for tickets online.


Times+ and Sun+ aren’t free, but they do offer free cinema tickets almost weekly. You can sign up to Times+ for £20 a year as a student, AND it gets you the 2 for 1 weekend tickets at Odeon mentioned at the top of this piece.

Sun+ costs a little more to join, it’s free for the first month but then £7.99 monthly. You can see what offers they have by visiting the Perks homepage, but you’ll need to sign up to get the tickets - so if you see a showing you like, why not sign up for a free month? They also offer up to five free tickets to kids screenings at Odeon every weekend for Sun+ members, so if you’ve got children it might be better to join Sun+ rather than Times+.