25 ridiculously smartarse replies to exam questions (by smartarse kids)

It's always tempting to be a smartarse in exams. These kids had the follow-through...

25) This kid, who named a gas alright...

"You want a gas? I've got your gas right here..."

24) This person did what you asked - give them marks

"Explanation number two - she's left the cap on. More marks for me."

23) This person used their precious exam time to burn Lady Gaga

If Lady Gaga marked 2nd grade remidial science exams and was a hermaphrodite, my god would she be burned right now.

22) This kid used the correct word (on behalf of PETA)

"Now give me full marks and we'll all go out for tofu to celebrate."

21) This kid's been told about mortality

"And you're older than me, examiner. Would you like me to draw your grave, mr big shot examiner? I didn't think so - marks please."

20) Cameron's son, doing him proud...

"That's where it goes. Nailed the order of this sentence."

19) This guy, who did exactly what was asked of him

No, not funny - precisely what you asked him to do.

18) This guy, telling the truth about giraffes...

Giraffes - natures psychopaths.

17) This kid knows a Tedison when they see one...

"Oh yeah, that's Tedison alright. Green and oblong - I'd know Tedison anywhere."

16) Frankie, who is who Frankie is and doesn't give a crap who knows it

"Frankie be who Frankie be. Nobody can change Frankie."

15) This kid, using precious exam time to burn Mariah Carey...

If she also grades 3rd year science papers she is going to be livid. She'll probably let out a scream (that only dogs can hear).

14) This kid, who doesn't see classifications

"If you want to seperate out animals from plant-life, then you sir, are a racist."

13) This kid, who should be taking sociology, not science

"Takers of 2nd year lower set chemistry, unite!"

12) They were. Give this kid marks.

11) Be more specific, examiners, this kid's got you cornered

Maths is so much easier to find than Wally.

10) Boom - another mark for little Johnny

Fact. You can't argue with it. This kid gets a mark, unless you think 1895 carried on past 1896.

9) Fact.

"Oh, is that not right? Then it's in the bit that says "sign here".

8) This one is on you, examiner

Admit it. You wanted this to happen.

7) Smartarse.

"There you go. One mark. Out of one hundred. You failed - now you really know what risks are."

6) Fact after fact after fact

This kid went on to get an A in "making people feel bad about themselves for no reason whatsoever".

5) Fact.

That's just a fact. Tick and move on.

4) It's weird that this is protected by law...

"Mum, I'm sorry, but it's the law. Now iron them. Iron all my trousers for me."

3) Boom

"How did I get my answer? I'm a f*cking genius, that's how I got my answer."

2) What? This is how you get fired.

"Trust me - your boss won't keep you around after this."

1) Wrong answer, hippy...

"Put down Harry Potter and pick up a much more boring book about rocks."

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