4 bizarre ways to make and save money at uni

make money

The Internet is full of offers to get you rich. We’ll settle for getting you through university without having to sell all your gold to ‘cash for gold’ companies, or this guy:

Money Making Tips

Who, by the way, pities you.

Below are a few (absurd and practical) ways to keep a healthy bank balance.

Only buy items from people who can’t spell

It may seem counterintuitive to buy goods or services from people who can’t spell.

Mispellings save money

Not sure whether his title has been misspelled, or whether this man is a bodyguard for your crotch.

But it’s possible to save a lot of money just by being a pedant. If you want to buy something on eBay, try heading over to fatfingers.co.uk first.

People selling items on eBay don’t take the time to spell before they sell. As a consequence, thousands of items are misspelled on eBay and don’t receive any bids from potential buys. Fatfingers.co.uk searches for these misspelled items, where you can bid on them and get them at a much lower price than they would have sold for if they were properly spelled.

Make $1000 reviewing a burrito

Noboru Bitoy, a visual communications student studying in Chicago, earned $1050 through Kickstarter in March this year for his project; reviewing a burrito on a scale from “No I don’t like this burrito at all” to “wow, best burrito ever.”

review burrito for money

For the record, he reviewed the burrito as “yum”, which is an underwhelming reaction to food that tastes great and pays a months’ rent on your behalf. I think that deserves at least a “wow!”

Before you grab our Nandos deal, sign up to Kickstarter and try to review their chicken, bear in mind this kind of money is rare for 8 word reviews. Whilst there are guys who make a bowl of mashed potatoes for $50000, there are also hundreds of people on Kickstarter who can’t get $10 for their well thought out business ideas.

The sensible alternative:

Sell your services on Fiverr.com, for $5 (or more) per task. The idea is simple: You can sell any service you like; proofreading, designing logos, writing blog entries, translation, you name it.

If you’re looking to get into creative industries after graduation it’s a great way to add to your portfolio whilst earning money for small jobs.

Or you could charge $5 a pop to smear your belly with chocolate sauce and sing a personalized happy birthday messages like this guy does. He’s actually been getting great reviews.

Ovulate for cash

Research by the University of New Mexico has found that strippers earn much higher tips whilst they are ovulating. Whilst working at a strip bar to fund college tuition the researcher noticed the bizarre difference in earnings, depending on what time of the month it was for the women, and theorized that it must be to do with hormones that the strippers were giving off to the male customers.

money bath

It’s her time of the month… to lie back and bathe in cash.

The sensible alternative:

Wear red at your summer job as a waitress. Sociologists from the Universite de Bretagne-Sud, France, found that waitresses wearing red received larger tips than waitresses in other colours. They also got tipped much more frequently.

Play Tetris whilst scientists watch, for money

This isn’t nearly as creepy as it sounds. It’s all in the name of science, takes place in a laboratory and you can wear the clothing of your own choice. This is just one example of many hundreds of experiments universities will pay people to participate in.

play tetris for money

You almost certainly won’t be asked to play Tetris by rubbing this “scientist’s” chest controls.

Psychology departments at most universities are always on the lookout for participants. Most will advertise on their internal webpages, or within the department itself, and will pay up to around £30 per experiment.

The experiments are harmless and as a bonus you’ll be contributing to science, though if you’re more into selling your blood for money like a reverse vampire there are opportunities for that as well.

Whilst it’s no substitute for a part-time job, if you’re just looking for a quick cash injection, what better way is there than being injected for cash?

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