Retailer slammed for 'disgusting' and 'inappropriate' Halloween costume

A huge online fancy dress retailer has been forced to pull one its Halloween costumes over a large amount of backlash.

Online retailer has withdrawn it's childrens costume that depicts Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

The costume contains the outfit, along with a hat and bag, as well as a tag reminiscent of the labels that Jews were forced to wear upon being deported to death camps.

The product was accompanied by the following description, which suggests that the costume allows children to 'play the role of a World War II hero.'

The suggestion that the costume is a 'fun' way to 'play' the role of a young girl who was killed during the Holocaust seems wholly inappropriate, causing a large amount of backlash against the website:

Following the large number of complaints and a tweet from Twitter user Rob McDowall, spokesperson Ross Walker was forced to make a statement, issuing an apology for the offence caused:

Saying that the costume was one of many historically accurate costumes across the site, Ross said

'We apologise for any offence caused this was not our attention'

The costume has since been removed from sale.