Results of the big EU referendum survey

Our big EU referendum survey has shown that young voters intend to vote overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU.

Key points

Student Money Saver's survey of 2,361 people has found that:

  • 93.13% intend to vote
  • 67.92% intend to vote remain, 24.77% intend to vote leave, and just 4.35% haven't made up their minds.
  • For those who want to remain, the main concerns are what our economy would be like outside of the EU, and the uncertainty that leaving the EU would bring
  • For those who want to leave, the main concerns are that other countries govern what happens in the UK, and immigration from the EU
  • Over 1/3 of Brexit voters said they do have worries about leaving the EU, despite intending to vote Leave on Thursday.
  • People voting leave are much more likely to describe themselves as "English, Welsh, Northern Irish or Scottish" rather than British, whilst people voting remain are much more likely to describe themselves as primarily British or even primarily European

Full results

Very few young voters have not made their minds up at this point, and the vast majority of respondents said they intend to vote in the referendum.

For all respondents, the uncertainty of what would happen if Britain leaves the EU is their biggest worry. People also expressed concern about losing the protection and benefits that the EU brings, including:

"Loss of human rights."

"Lose worker rights and MANY more rights/protections."

"Cameron would not be held accountable to some laws/guidelines set by the EU for example on human rights"

"There will be no limit to the laws the UK government can pass."

Others worried about having to renegotiate trade deals, without the EU behind us.

"Having to renegotiate trade, travel, and other agreements."

"Would be a catastrophe for the uk scientific research industry as it relies heavily on money from the EU and collaboration with other scientists around the world."

And some reasons were purely practical:

"Boyfriend is from Austria, so could be harder for us to work in the same country."

"I want to live in europe."

"Inability to work freely in Europe."

Out campaign seems divisive and motivated by xenophobia

Despite saying they intended to vote to leave the EU, only 62% of exit voters said they had no worries about leaving the EU.

Remain voters also have concerns about remaining in the EU. Despite saying they intend to vote remain, just 60.7% of remain voters said they had no worries whatsoever about remaining in the EU.

For leave voters, immigration, the jurisdiction of the EU over UK matters and the perceived unelected nature of the EU were the biggest issues.

"Legitimizing the neoliberal economic policies of the EU (treatment of Greece, for example)."

"The UK relies on the EU for lots of things that we can get locally. I'm worried that it undermines the UKs abilities."

"MEP's who do not have our best interests at heart and see it as just going on a jolly and making stacks of money i.e. Farage types"

"Countries with poor human rights records will be joining (turkey Albania). They're questionable when it comes to LGBT and women."

"The EU isn't perfect, but we can do more to change it for the better by staying in. I wouldn't leave the UK because David Cameron is a twat, so why leave the EU for the same reason?"

Remain voters were much more likely to describe themselves as British or European than exit voters, who were more likely to describe themselves as primarily English, Welsh, Northern Irish or Scottish.

Very few voters described themselves as European, but were also more likely to describe themselves as British rather than English, Welsh, Northern Irish or Scottish.

Of the 2,361 people surveyed, only 182 said they didn't intend to vote. Of these, the main reason was because they legally weren't entitled to vote, though almost 10% said they weren't voting because they felt their vote was worthless.

Some respondents were not voting on principal, saying: "I'm not think I'm qualified to vote and this decision shouldn't be made by the public."

"All I see is lies. Voting based on false facts is a dishonor to all those who have sacrificed for my right to vote."

Of those who were legally not entitled to vote, a common reason was either because they were from an EU country and currently residing in the UK, or because they were too young.

One young person was annoyed that such a big decision was being taken without their input. They said:

"I am 17 and cannot vote, yet the referendum will effect my future ad make a big difference to my life."

Notes to editors

This was a survey of 2,361 young voters. All images / charts are available free for use, with the credit: Student Money Saver. Please link to the full results.

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