Restaurant offers massive "ginger discount" to redheads

If you're ginger and love chicken, we have good news. A restaurant is being launched that offers a "ginger discount" to anyone that is a "genuine" redhead.

Mark Linaker, who calls himself a "former ginger" will offer a massive 20% discounts at his chicken, burger and shake restaurant when his restaurant opens in April.

He told the Mirror that this discount would only be offered to "genuine redheads" but has not outlined how this will be policed, and non-natural redheads could probably get the discount too. It's unlikely he'll ask the maître d' to start checking roots.

Not just for gingers, but non-redheads will pay more.

Gingers deserve a break

Mark, 39, describes himself as a former ginger, and says that ginger people deserve a discount due to the stick and stigma they face, telling the Mirror:

“I feel that gingers deserve a break, as one of my friends said to me, gingers have been getting stick for a long time now so it is time they got something back."

“I am a former ginger myself before I started losing my hair and decided to shave it all off so I know what it is like to be a ginger."

“The deal will be 20% off a meal for a genuine ginger."

"Former ginger" Mark | image via Mark Linaker / Facebook.

I hope ginger tourists will flock to Prestatyn

Mark hopes the novel idea will attract ginger chicken / burger / discount fans to his restaurant at Prestatyn, North Wales.

“I think it is a novel idea and wanted to do something different,” he said. “We will be serving good quality food and great milkshakes in a laid-back atmosphere and I am confident it will work.”

“It will be happy days for gingers in the area and also ginger tourists who I hope will flock to Prestatyn.”


Mark has plans to take the Ginger Grill further afield, once the restaurant in Prestatyn has taken off:

“I think we have a good brand and I don’t want to stop at Prestatyn."

“I want this in other towns in North Wales and maybe the north west of England but it is one step at a time."

Until then natural red-haired folk will have to go to Prestatyn to claim their discount, and non-redheads will have to pick up hair dye and hope to slip by the waiting staff.

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