Restaurant forced to apologise for awful sign mishap

Restaurant Ribs and Bibs has been forced to apologise for a sign that 'trivialised domestic violence'.

The Belfast restaurant advertised its menu with a caption lacking in taste and thought, trivialising violence against women.

The restaurant placed a chalk board outside that read '£5 til 5! Ya can beat the wife but ya can't beat a 5 pound lunch!'

Nothing says good pub lunch like fish and chips with a side of misogyny.

Credit Kaz Hawkins

In a Facebook post that's since attracted a great deal of attention, Belfast local Kaz Hawkins voiced her disgust:

Bibs and Ribs has since issued a public apology to The Belfast Telegraph, as it emerged that a staff member had erected the sign without management's knowledge.

Head chef Keith Patterson has promised that the staff member responsible will be held accountable and disciplined appropriately.

Patterson said the following of the incident,

'He decided to write a quirky thing on the board, and when someone took offence he took it down within half an hour. He told us he doesn't condone domestic violence himself and didn't mean to offend - he was trying to get the word out about our £5 lunch.'

Ah yes nothing says quirky like chauvinism.

Regardless of whether the staff member in question does not condone domestic violence, it's hard to believe that he ever thought that anyone would find this funny.