Restaurant employee fired for racism towards customer

A waiter at a restaurant has been sacked after using a racial slur on a customer's receipt.

Despite the commonly misconception that equality has been achieved, it's a well-known fact that racism still permeates the modern word. And whilst racism is often misconstrued as a violent phenomenon which manifests itself in situations like Charlottesville, it can be much more subtle, and equally as awful, as one New York woman found out.

Attending New York restaurant 'Cornerstone Cafe', a young lady ordered a meal, only to notice that on her receipt her waiter had written a derogatory racial slur for Asian people.

The name on her receipt read 'Ching Chong', an offensive term still commonly used against the Asian community.

Outraged by the incident, the woman's daughter shared it with her friend Ziggy Chau, who took to Facebook in a very public post to name and shame the cafe alongside a photo of the receipt:

Ziggy then proceeded to update her post as the situation unfolded, saying that the employee in question had been fired, with the restaurant also releasing an official apology, after Ziggy demanded they do so:

In a final update, Ziggy thanked the Asian community and all those who spoke up against casual racism and the deeper problems it reflects:

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, left a comment and shared this on your social media. I especially want to thank the Asian Community for standing behind and voicing your anger that this type of racism towards us won't be tolerated.

Hopefully this will be a lesson to Cornerstone Cafe and all those who think that making any form of racial slur will not be tolerated.