April the giraffe still hasn't given birth. Now a fan has figured out why...

Well over a month ago, a zoo started live-streaming a giraffe which was "about to give birth at any moment now". A month in, the giraffe still hasn't given birth, but people still haven't stopped watching.

A Facebook group devoted to April has almost 19,000 members. And they're devoted too, constantly posting updates and speculating about when she will give birth.

But last night, someone in the group was watching at three am. And her and her husband noticed something strange about April. Something which would have fans questioning, is this all a hoax?

In a separate post, Karen attached screenshots of the giraffe's alleged penis, but they were removed by Facebook for violating their terms of service.

Later other people commented to say that the stream from last night had been removed.

And others went poring through previous footage for proof that April was actually a boy. Including this footage which appears to show the zookeeper addressing the giraffe as "Greg".

Not long after fans were speculating about this, the live feed shut down and in its place was this static image of Greg asleep on the ground.

Which is pretty strange. What's stranger is the zoo gave no explanation, either.

We have approached the zoo for comment, but haven't heard anything back about April / Greg. The fans of April continue to speculate over on their group.


The zoo have released this statement regarding the "hoax":

Earlier today we stopped the live stream of our giraffe, April, about to give birth. It has since come to our attention that April is actually a male giraffe named Greg.

We believe the mistake happened when we transferred two giraffes to the zoo back in September last year. The zookeeper neglected to check the genitals, as he was shy. As such, we ended up with the male giraffe, who we thought to be pregnant, and Cincinnati zoo believed themselves to have a non-pregnant male giraffe who will give birth any day now.

To our fans and people who have been so dedicated in watching the live stream we would like to say this:

We did not mean to deceive you in any way and we would like to thank you for your continued support and devotion to April, who, again, is actually Greg.

Thank you and our apologies.

The zoo asks that you tune in to their live stream of a penguin birth. They assure the world that they have checked the crotch on this one, and conducted several pregnancy tests.

This was an April Fool that was intended to be published tomorrow at 11am. Unfortunately, the damn giraffe is now expected to give birth today, after a month of live-streaming, so we decided to publish it a little early. You can watch her give birth here.

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