Remember 'King Curtis'? Well he's all grown up now...

Do you guys remember King Curtis? The hilarious, little kid who loved chicken nuggets and bacon.

He rose to prominence seven years ago when he was the star of an episode of Wife Swap over in America. He and his family were described as the "demolition-derby loving" Hollands because their favourite hobby is to build and paint cars just to destroy them afterwards "for fun".

Their dietary habits rival that of a student's, with the father of the family claiming that if they could find a way to fry a salad, they would try it.

But Curtis, who was described as a "picky-eater" by his mother because he only likes chicken nuggets, stole the show with his tantrums and hilarious outbursts.

When his mother was replaced by healthy eating Joy, things take a turn and when she takes away all of the junk food in the house, including the nuggets and bacon, the shit hits the fan and Curtis erupts, claiming "bacon is good for me!" and accusing Joy of "acting like she's the queen, and we're the sorry people!"

He then packs his bags and leaves, only to return two hours later.

The clip went viral and was one of the most popular videos back then when viral videos were a bit tougher to come by.

Now, aged 14, King Curtis has updated us on his life, treating us to a hilarious video where he reveals that he will be getting his learner's permit (provisional license) next year and that he plans on restoring a muscle car. But as it is too expensive, he will be starting a GoFundMe page, so you can help him build his dream car.

He also reveals that he hoped to start his own TV show but unfortunately has not had the backing of any networks.

He still loves bacon and chicken nuggets, but now prefers chicken strips. He even teased us with a potential bacon brand of his own, 'King Curtis Bacon'.

He ends with himself on a throne, in a robe that says 'King Curtis' and proclaims himself as "still the King".