Rapper 'Young Thug' doesn't show up to video shoot... director improvises brilliantly

When an artist doesn't turn up for their own music video shoot, it can spell disaster. Especially if you have been given a budget of $100,000 to create it.

That is exactly what happened to Ryan Staake (above, right), he "co-directed" the music video for 'Wyclef Jean,' a song by rapper, Young Thug. But when it came around the time to shoot the video, Young Thug was nowhere to be seen. So Staake had to improvise, which he did... brilliantly.

The video was released on 16th January and has already been called one of the most creative videos ever made, even if it does just come across as an explanation video as to how the shoot crumbled.

Ryan goes through how Young Thug sent him ideas for what he wanted in the shoot, to how he set up shots for the young rapper, to when he showed up but refused to get out of the car because "his Instagram account was hacked."

In the end, Staake had nothing he had originally planned to have in the shoot, so he had to do what he could with what he had. This is a perfect example of being in a group where you do all the work and there's that one person who stays at home and very occasionally messages you to give their shit ideas.

Enjoy it below:

Well done, Ryan Staake. Brilliant!