Radio producer 'discovers' Annie Lennox and sends her the cringiest email

Unless you were born in a cave and lived out the rest of your days there, you've probably heard of Annie Lennox. If not for her multi-award winning songs such as 'No More I Love Yous' or 'Something So Right', then for her appearance on every single TV charity event in the history of ever. Either way... she's a big deal.

A big deal... but not *quite* big enough to be recognised by an LA radio producer named Kylie.

Yesterday evening, Lennox received a lengthy email from KMIX Radio Host, Kylie, who is in charge of scouting new musicians and giving them support to help them make a name for themselves. Lennox, who thought she'd already made a fairly big name for herself, uploaded the email to Facebook with the caption 'I think I'm in with a chance ??!!!'

In an email that is almost TOO cringe to read, Kylie asks Lennox to send over 'the MP3 for [her] latest single' to see if her producer is 'interested in putting it in rotation.'

She then goes on to offer Lennox, who for the record has won 8 Brit awards, 4 Grammys and a Billboard Century Award (the highest possible accolade from Billboard Magazine).. oh and also has an OBE, the chance to get on 150 radios worldwide.