Racist eBay seller doesn't think black is a skin colour

A questionable eBay seller seems to be struggling with the concept of there being more than one race and skin colour.

The diversity of human beings mean that we come in a huge plethora of different colours. However, an eBay seller with the username myphonestarthere seems to be struggling with this concept, listing her 'realistic' toy babies under 2 colours: skin colour and black.

The seller listed toy babies under the title 'UK Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls Soft Vinyl Real Life Lifelike Baby Doll Boy/Girl' (catchy), which all seemed fair enough... and whilst they are pretty life-like, there's just one problem:

... Yep, when you go to pick a colour there's literally 'black' and 'skin colour', as though black ISN'T a skin colour and there aren't more than these 2 colours?!

So I guess that means white is the only legitimate skin colour, black is just... a colour... and there are not other possible races or skin colours...? I mean you'd think in 2017 we wouldn't still be seeing nonsense like this and yet here we are.

The babies are still for sale with no sign of the seller seeing the error of her ways. Disappointing.

Sadly this isn't even the first time that the (incorrect) assumption that white = skin colour or 'normal' has been used to market products. Boots found themselves in hot water with this suncream chart:

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