Racial abuse hurled at student who was paying compliment to owners dog

I would like to start this by saying that I cannot believe racism still exists. It is a vile parasite that needs to stop now. This story is a truly sad moment for this country, but what is even sadder is how common these sort of incidents happen.

Ashleigh Moodley is a 20-year-old student at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham. She has Indian heritage but was born and raised in the UK. She is a British Citizen.

She was out in the town centre, on her way to the Doctors' Surgery, when a small, enthusiastic dog came to her and started jumping up.

This dog was being walked by two women in their mid-40's, Ashleigh said to the women "I love your dog!" To which they replied, "I voted to leave the EU to get rid of people like you."

It goes without saying what despicable, disgusting human beings these women are. Ashleigh paid their dog a compliment, then they hurled racist abuse at her.

Ashleigh had a fantastic response to the jibe, asking "by people like me, do you mean British Citizens?"... Bravo, Ashleigh.

Let us examine what they actually said: "I voted to leave the EU to get rid of people like you."

Now, while voting to leave the EU is a perfectly acceptable thing, everyone has their stance and opinion. But voting 'leave' to get rid of specific people is wrong and stupid.

You cannot kick someone out of a country they have every right to be in.

You can vote to leave because you think it may be the best way to have stricter immigration laws, but you cannot tell people who already live here that they have to leave.

Ashleigh has said that since Brexit, abuse is more common, but last year someone told her to "go back to your own country, you f*****g c**t!"

This is disgraceful and is a poison that still infects our society. No one should ever be judged on something that they have no control over, whether it be their skin colour, heritage, gender or sexuality.

Come on people, it is 2016!