This Question Time audience member voted for Brexit for the stupidest reason

Question Time audiences are a bizarre thing. They're extremely passionate about politics, but confused about what's going on.

Typical Question Time audience member, pictured above

But on Question Time yesterday, one audience member annoyed more people than most audience members, when she outlined the reason why she voted to leave the EU.

Which is a good question. Not many people have found straight bananas in any supermarket. Never seen a straight banana in Tesco or Lidl.

She voted for Brexit, risking decades of economic and social harm, because the bananas in Aldi are too straight.


Here's her full reasoning, which doesn't get any more logical, we're afraid.

People online, Brexiters and non-Brexiters, are despairing. And she's quickly become known as Banana Woman.

But on the bright side, at least now we'll be able to grow our own, bendy, British bananas when we've left the EU.

So it's not all bad news. But all in all, we're starting to think this second Question Time audience member may have been right.

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