'Spacious' public toilet on sale in London for £1million

Want to come back to my toilet? Just try not to think about how many people have done a poo right where you'll be sleeping / making love.

Gone are the days when a million pounds would set you up for life. Now it'll buy you a decent toilet in a convenient location. A former public toilet is being sold for £1m in London.

The former toilet is described as "spacious" as well as a "brilliantly situated" and a "fantastic opportunity" is located in Spitafields. Just to reiterate, that's a brilliantly situated toilet you can buy for £1million.

The estate agents Clarke and Lloyd are selling the 600 square foot toilet property, which was a nightclub from 2000-2012, after it was a toilet. To give you an idea how big 600 square feet is, picture the size of your average public toilet. It's that size.

When it was a nightclub, the maximum capacity was 60 people "at a push" - language you don't want to use when talking about former toilets.

Public toilet in Portfield road, probably valued at "more than you could ever afford in your lifetime".

Drug toilet

As well as being a former toilet, the property was a former drug den. A police raid in December 2011 had found a substantial quantity of drugs and 13 people were arrested for suspected drugs offences.

Despite this, the the price of the property has tripled since it was last sold in 2000.

Location location location

Unlike public phone boxes used by time lord The Doctor, public toilets are not bigger on the inside. Prospective buyers are most likely going to be interested in the location, rather than the property itself, as the estate agents advertise:

"Clarke & Lloyds property consultants are pleased to present this fantastic opportunity to acquire this Unique Restaurant/Bar in the heart of commercial Steet. Formely a public toilet, the site was redeveloped into commercial unit over 15 years ago and being used as Bar/Restaurant. The Premises is brilliantly situated in the heart of commercial street, directly opposite the Spitalfield market and within easy walking distance to both Shoreditch and Algate."

So, if you're interested, you can now buy this toilet for £1million. But if the property market crashes again, it'll just be money flushed down the toilet.