Pretentious food blogger requests a free meal but gets hilariously roasted instead

With the rise of millennial culture, the amount of social media influencers and 'foodie' bloggers who think 'avo on toast' is the shit is going through the roof.

Often amassing a following of numbers in the tens of thousands, they make enormous amounts of money by promoting restaurants, food products and magical herbal tea that makes you shed the pounds in minutes (it's all lies).

Credit @cheatdayeats

Sometimes pretentious, often entitled, food bloggers tend to reach out to restaurants to ask for a free meal in return for exposure on their huge platforms.

Whilst some restaurants are down for it, others are definitely not.

Meet Campagne, an Irish restaurant in Kilkenny:

Campagne is a sophisticated restaurant that specialises in French cuisine, and roasts, because boy did this blogger get SERVED.

The restaurant received a note from a food blogger, asking for not just a free meal, but a sample of SEVERAL dishes on the menu in return for maximum exposure on their blogs:

Campagne is an upmarket restaurant, so you know that these dishes ARE NOT cheap. So this blogger is asking for a hefty amount of expensive food in exchange for a 'post'... when I take a picture of my almond milk vanilla iced coffee and post it on my pretentious Instagram page, I don't ask the artisanal cafe to fit the bill...

And it seems that most people agreed with Campagne, serving up a sweet roast for this blogger;

One person also pointed out the obvious: Campagne already has some pretty damn good exposure:

Looks like you might have to pay for your meal like the rest of us, hun. #byefelicia