Poundland have just been left humiliated... by a six-year-old girl

When you bring out a big range of things for Christmas, it might be a good idea to double-check that you have everything spelt correctly.

Well, discount retailer Poundland failed to do that when a young girl just six-years-old called them up on an error on one of their products.

Maisie Hastings was shocked to see that the store had spelt 'mistletoe' wrong, especially after she had spelt it correctly in a school spelling test earlier that day.

Her parents, Iain and Sharon, were a little less shocked but saw why their daughter was:

"We laughed about it but put it to one side as we haven't decorated yet for Christmas.
"Then last weekend Maisie had her spellings to check and be tested and out and about again we tested the theory it was a one off.
"Maisie was rather cross when we noticed all of them in Poundland were wrong.
"We laughed - after all, it's Poundland - but to a six-year-old [it's] sacrilege.
"We had to listen to her all Sunday evening going on about the incorrect spelling while testing her.
"She got ten out of ten by the way. I posted her sad face on Facebook."

Poundland had previously offered to give the Hastings a full refund but now have offered to send Maisie a load of goodies.

Maybe a good idea to get someone to double-check the spelling first, though.

This article has been checked over, so we avoid any embarrassment similar to that of Poundland's.