The 17 funniest things overheard at Cambridge uni

Cambridge students have been sharing the hilarious things they've overheard at their (somewhat glorious) university. Including these gems...

17) This travesty

16) This heartbreaking problem

"No matter how much I tidy my room I keep finding champagne corks"

15) Didn't think it would be possible to get this drunk...

Surely you'd die by alcohol poisoning before you thought that?

14) This assessment of Eurovision

13) This swipe at the Greens

12) This ineffective supervisor

11) This mathematically accurate assessment of a mathmo's love life

10) This brûliént complaint

9) This local parent with ambitions for their child

8) This age old problem

7) Yes. Yes it does.

"In fact, I'd stab one of the servants for it if they'd bothered to lay out a trusty servant knife."

6) This drinker, echoing other people's switch from K to Frosty Jacks

5) If you say so...

"That's bad, right? Or good? What's an englufed??"

4) This gem, overheard at a spontaneous port and cheese evening...

3) The end of this ordeal...

2) This accurate summation of Rihanna

1) The worst part of studying at Cambridge...

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