Police release guide to X-rated emojis, but it's unintentionally hilarious

The police have released a guide to teenager text speak and x-rated emojis for the use of parents, much to the amusement of actual teenagers.

The PSNI Newry and Mourne Facebook page released the guide on Friday. It contains useful advice such as "the peach emoticon refers to the butt" and "8 = oral sex". It has since gone viral on Facebook, largely because a lot of the advice went out of date in the late 1990s.

Nevertheless, you may find some of the advice useful, as a lot of citizens on their page have. Here is their guide in full.

The infographic even includes the information that the aubergine emoticon by itself refers to a penis, whereas the aubergine emoticon next to a hand refers to masturbation.

Some young folk didn't even know half of these existed, but now plan on using them.

We did learn one thing from this post, and that's that NALOPKT = Not a lot of people know that. Apparently, a lot more teenagers are Michael Caine fans than we previously realised.

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