Police generate hilarious response to huge mugshot fail

In the age of rapidly evolving technology and CCTV, not much slips past the higher legal powers

Exhibit A

More recently, police technology has come on leaps and bounds as they have developed something called 'E-fits', which are electronic pictures of a suspect's face generated by a computer using a range of photos of facial features. Here's an example:

Impressive, right? You're probably wondering how anyone gets past the police these days. Well, let's just say some E-fits come out better than others, as the Lincolnshire Police Force found out when they released this to the public:

Did someone accidentally slip a picture of their golden retriever into the range of photos?

The Lincolnshire Police released the above E-fit on Facebook, appealing to the public if they had seen someone matching the above description for a suspected robbery. However... it seemed the police appealed more to people's senses of humour than their civic duty:

Most people just seemed confused as to how a golden retriever managed to pull off a robbery:

I mean the hairdresser should definitely be done for animal cruelty

Others thought the Police had accidentally uploaded a picture of their sim:

Lincoln weren't the only police force to release an E-fit that was unfit for public consumption:

Kent Police seemed to have accidentally released a photo of Anne Robinson's evil twin, and the public again were quick to see the funny side:

Maybe the police should stick to old school sketching and install the newest version of Sims if they want to avoid future graphic fails.