Police apologise for ill-thought out and bizarre tweet

In today's 'wtf were you thinking?' news, a New Zealand police force have issued an apology for a poorly thought-out and insensitive tweet.

The rise of the digital age has seen some incredible developments in the way social media is harnessed by emergency services and news outlets in times of crises.

However, sometimes official accounts just *slightly* miss the mark, as the New Zealand police quickly found out when they posted the following tweet:

Credit Twitter

As though the ghost of Michael Scott himself got hold of the Twitter account, the police genuinely used a MEME to relate the feeling of officers telling people a loved one has died.

In a mixture of shock and complete bewilderment, people were quick to criticise the inappropriateness of the tweet:

Recognising that the tweet probably was a bit ill-thought out, the police quickly deleted it, as well as offering what seemed like a genuine apology:

... Although it does seem slightly concerning that they required 'feedback' to realise it definitely was NOT okay to use a meme, OF ALL THINGS, to discuss the death of loved ones.

But hey, at least they owned up and admitted it wasn't the best of ideas.