Police apologise after handing students this shocking leaflet on consent

Police have apologised after handing out severely out-dated leaflets on consent to students at a Bristol college.

Avon and Somerset handed out the "inappropriate and out of date" leaflets at a safety workshop at a north Bristol college.

After an angry response by students attending the safety workshop and on Twitter, the police released a statement apologising for the leaflets, which contained shockingly out-dated views on sexual assault and rape.

The police then highlighted that their current message and leaflets highlight the clear message "this is not an excuse".

Which is much better than the message on the old leaflets, which were handed out at the workshop last week.

Twitter user Eloise Mainstone posted a photo of the front cover of the leaflet to twitter, which displayed the shocking question "R U ASKING 4 IT?"

Students were outraged when they were handed leaflets, which were believed to be over ten years out of date.

One student, Chloe Yelland, wrote on Twitter:

"I'm ashamed that you have the audacity to 'Victim Blame' teenage girls with low cut tops..."

The police have since said that they will destroy the leaflets, to replace them with their new This Is Not An Excuse campaign leaflets.

Which have the clear message that the victim is never to blame.

Chief Inspector Marie Wright apologised for the leaflets, and praised the students for challenging police for the leaflets.

“Our stance couldn’t be clearer and the students were right to challenge the incorrect message," she said in a statement.

“We’re sorry this has happened. I will personally ensure a correct session is delivered to the students involved and have already arranged for the leaflets handed out, which are nearly ten years out of date, to be destroyed.”

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