Pizza literally just saved this man's life

Domino's pizza life savers

Feeling guilty that a bit too much of your money is going to your local takeaway? Well, worry no more because one man’s pizza addiction actually saved his life.

Staff at working at a Domino’s Pizza in Salem, Oregon became concerned when a very regular customer hadn’t placed any orders in 11 days.

“He orders every day, every other day,” store manager Sarah Fuller, told a local broadcaster about 47-year-old pepperoni fan Kirk Alexander’s ordering habits. “His order pops up on the screen because he orders online. So we see it come across the screen and we’re like, ‘Oh, Kirk’s order.'”

Kirk had been ordering almost every day for over seven years.

By this Sunday a number of delivery drivers had commented that they hadn't seen an order come through for Mr Alexander recently. "When we looked it up, we knew instantly it wasn't normal,".

The staff’s calls to Kirk, who they knew suffered from health issues – went straight to voicemail.

"It was about 1am Sunday morning, and we weren't terribly busy," Ms Fuller said. "So I asked one of our regular drivers who knew Kirk to stop by the customer's home and check it out. We all know Kirk and he only lives about 6 minutes from our store, so the whole team was concerned."

Delivery driver Tracey Hamblen was sent to Mr Alexander’s house and on arrival, he saw lights and the TV on, but there was no response at the door. He tried Kirk’s phone one more time, and when there was no answer the delivery driver then called an ambulance. Paramedics found Mr Alexander on the floor of his house calling for help, having apparently had a stroke.

Pizza literally saved Kirk’s life

They said he was in “immediate need of medical attention” and the actions of the Domino’s staff had been pivotal in saving his life.

The store manager said “It’s crazy. It wasn’t what I was really expecting would happen at all,”'We're like a family here, and we were glad we were able to do something to help, We hope he's able to fully recover from this.'

Mr Alexander is reported to be in a stable condition in hospital, we hope he’s better and back ordering pizza soon.

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