6 of the Best Ways to Save at Pizza Hut

Pizza hut student discounts

1. Get 20% off student discount

Students can get 20% off their food bill from Sunday to Thursdays at Pizza Hut! Just show a valid photographic ID card such as NUS, university ID or Young Scot. The student discount excludes buffets, drinks and Happy Hour

But, don't worry - you can use it for up to four people per group!

2. Get a discount code

What's more:

There is usually a discount code online if you are getting a Pizza Hut delivery. Sign up to the Student Money Saver newsletter, and we'll make sure we send you the best Pizza hut offers out there.

3. £7ish UNLIMITED lunch buffet

Head over to Pizza Hut on a weekday between 12pm and 3pm and eat as much pizza, pasta and salad as you like from the buffet.

You head us right- as much pizza as you like!

Prices do vary between restaurants, but the set price for adults start from £6.99 and child, from £4.49. The lunch buffet price excludes drinks, you'll have to pay more for these.

4. Get Cashback

If you are ordering online, make sure you go via a cashback site. Our favourites are Quidco and Topcashback as they are both free to use and give you about 3% cashback.

And, here's the kicker:

You can also use a discount code on top of this, which means a potential double discount.

5. Don't buy a large pizza

If two of you are going to order a pizza, rather than buying two small pizza, it is cheaper to buy one large one with two toppings.

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self five - buy smaller pizza

6. Don't buy a starter

If you're eating inside a Pizza Hut restaurant don't order a starter, because you'll get a free salad bowl.

Sure, normally a salad bowl sounds like you'll get a load of leafy things (which you can)

but, hold that thought - you can also get things like pasta, crisps, salsa etc (tasty things!).