26 pieces of evidence that prove humanity is doomed

The end is nigh. Here's the proof.

26) This guy, who's probably about to have two very important facts broken to him

25) This guy, who doesn't know that the Canadian version of a bird is a bear

24) This person, who misunderstands two civil rights movements

23) This guy who finds it uncanny how people resemble themselves

22) This person who ISN'T drunk but thinks their car is a changing room they can drive from place to place

21) This'll blow your mind, but if you spell spelling backwards and then reverse it, it spells spelling

20) This person who really needs eggs and lacks committment

19) This person who's mistaken America for Jesus

18) This person buys things they hate and then can't consume them

17) This British lady who's worried about our President Barrocca even entering talks with President Poo Tin

16) This guy who likes to thoroughly document his own stupidity

15) #whatwerehashtagsinventedforwe'regenuinelycurious

14) This scientist asking questions no-one else dare ask

13) This police squad, who won't let Ohio Man be who Ohio Man be

12) This person who's about to put a book into their VCR

11) This guy, who didn't ask to be born...

10) This guy who tried to eat all the evidence

9) This lady whose multiplication is fine, but whose biology is sub-par

8) This lady who doesn't understand how dates work

7) This lady who probably has her own theories

6) This person who doesn't understand how films, fame or twins work

5) This person who wants to turn of physical noise

4) This person who thinks lifts are called elevators

3) This fan of "March of the Pigeons"

2) This person who finds the predictive powers of erosion astonishing

1) This person who isn't suspicious at all about this massive coincidence

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