18 people who got expertly trolled by photoshoppers

A photoshopper has been trolling people (with photoshop) who ask him to adjust their photographs. Here are 18 people he's brutally trolled so far.

18) This guy's friends

17) This emo got given something to cry about

16) This man, who got the holiday he deserved

15) Kim Kardashian over here

14) This guy (who still can't get the gurlss)

13) This astronomer

12) Donald Trump over here

11) This lady, who got precisely what she asked for

10) As did this guy

9) This lady, who needs to learn her presidents

8) This MP

7) This lady, who needs to specify her Kardashians

6) This guy and tiny Ben Affleck

5) These kids, who like Taylor Swift, but hate specificity

4) This guy, who probably shouldn't have written "or something"

3) This bathroom

2) Tom Cruise

1) Adults. All adults.

Ouch. That one hurt.

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