32 photos that prove spacing & punctuation are EXTREMELY important

Spcacing and grammar important, folks. Don't believe us? Take a look at these photos. Some of these you could go to jail for...

32) Punctuation is especially important for heterosexual Canadians...

Let us clear this up. He means f*cking a dude.

31) Save us, coffee cans, you're our only hope!

At least they used a comma, unlike...

30) You noticed this toilet hasn't had a lot of customers lately?

"Surely I could just use it quickly."


"I'll be quick..."

"NO, Charles. For the last time, that toilet is for disabled elderly pregnant children only!"

29) Kathleen goes above and beyond the call of duty...

"You do what you can to get the information you need, John. Now for the weather, from someone who's been banging a meteorologist."

28) Sometimes incorrect punctuation can land you in jail...

"Sorry, Jimmy, but you don't need supervision. You saw the rules."

27) Come on inside, we only have the one rule...

"Take them home first, show them a little romance for Christ's sake."

26) This gorilla feels pretty strongly about people FLICKING their cigarette butts, but not about correct spacing...

Spacing - people. Spacing is really important.

25) If I read this right, yes you do need new yoga pants...

But you have other, more serious problems to deal with first.

24) It's the optional extras that might tempt you away from Apple...

"How much more do I have to pay for the dick-in keyboard?"

23) Talks with Castro have been going well. Really well, actually...

Good for them.

22) Bono is going to be pissed

Dammit, America, you leave them ALONE!

21) Please be careful when shooting pedestrians

"Shoot the elderly lady on three. Gently, now, that's it..."

20) What do we want and when do we want it?

"Ah, from the classic Christmas song le tits now, le tits now, le tits now."

19) This hospital admission form could do with a comma...

"If you refuse to eat it, you're just going to have to go to hospital, I guess."

18) Happy Ape Tit to you!

"Happy Ape Tit to everyone!"

17) Happy birthday to Clint

"In case they sing happy birthday - what's the birthday boy's name?"

"Just read the cake, dear."

"I really don't think I should..."

16) Where can I get giant tasteless fries?

"Ah. Burger King. Of course."

15) Well, if he's up for it...

"You're SURE he doesn't mind?"

14) Fashion advice sorely in need of a comma...


13) Wow, that's extremely close...

"Around 2.5 inches away, on a warm day, am I right folks?"

12) This... this is not appetising

"Could I... Could I have maple instead, please?"

11) Spacing - the final frontier!

There's a surprising amount of fan fic dedicated to Kirk crossing this particular frontier. Google it, if you must.

10) When you open up a kick boxing school and only klan members turn up...

... check your line spacing on your sign.

9) And now introducing country music legent, C... I'm not saying that. That's not a name.

"He was better than I expected, considering what they've been calling him in the press."

8) Did you get the lights? Oh yeah, I got yer lights right here...

"How do you like them lights, darling???"

7) Sounds like four-star service to me...

Service a little TOO good, if anything.

6) Too f*%king right they do...

All the f*&king time.

5) Sometimes spacing can get you sent to jail

"We'll find you a different team, son... That team's not for you."

4) What faculty do you belong to?

"Should we change the spacing? It looks a little off to me."

"Nah. You're nitpicking, no-one will notice..."

"It's just it looks like it says 'faculty o farts' like 'filet o fish'. I'll give it another go, it'll just take a..."

"It is DONE, Stephen! Christ, you're such a f*%ing perfectionist, it's unbearable."

3) Open as usual...

"Thank god. Thought I was going to have to go to the far inferior Hairpiece and Cock."

2) That cleared that up

Danny, you idiot - it's obviously genetics.

1) Line-break needed

"So many unemployed people."

"I know, it's terrible."

"All men."

"A travesty."

"They look happy though. Good to see they're keeping their spirits up."

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