Lecturer accidentally recommends porn film to all his students

A philosophy lecturer has found himself in trouble, after accidentally emailing an x-rated video to the entire of his philosophy cohort.

The professor emailed his whole class with a fairly standard explanation of the assignments they had due, followed by a link to a pornographic video titled "PJ Girls Sexy 18 Year Old Morgan Strips And Spreads Her Teen P*ssy Wide Open" instead of the hints and tips he probably thought he'd pasted.

Shortly afterwards, he sent a follow-up email saying to ignore the first one and the students left it at tha....no of course they didn't, they tweeted out his email for all to see.

Here's some porn! See you in lecture!

The professor apologised for the link, which presumably contains little to no philosophical arguments or exam tips.

Justin Shroeder, a student who received the email, and later posted it on Facebook, said it hadn't hurt anyone, and thought it was pretty funny:

“My initial reaction to the email was nonexistent, I did not even realise that this had happened. They then sent out a correction email saying that the link was broken and to disregard it," he told Daily Campus.

“I decided to post it, because I thought that it was a funny blunder. It’s not hurting anyone and I think that UConn deserves a little bit of a laugh with finals coming up so soon.”

“The reactions on the post were mostly along the lines of ‘OMG,’ ‘No Way,’ ‘This can't be real’ and people tagging their friends. Nothing really serious."

The University released this statement.

“The university has been made aware of this matter and is in the process of reviewing it. It would be premature to draw any conclusions about what occurred until the university completes that review. We of course take the matter very seriously."

So far, there is no indication that the contents of the link will be on the test.