Murderer contacts That's Life magazine for psychic advice on a murder they committed

Here's the scenario. You've been bullied at work, for months. It all gets too much. Against all your better instincts, you put laxatives in your bully's coffee, out of revenge.

Then, that night, your bully has a stroke. For years it haunts you, and you lay awake at night wondering if you killed that person.

Do you a) contact the police and tell them this information and deal with the consequences or b) contact That's Life magazine to ask resident psychic Destiny Debbie?

Well, Terry took option b and contacted "psychic" Destiny Debbie for her (quite strange) take on the situation.

What do you think psychic Debbie's reply was? Something along the lines of this twitter user's advice, perhaps...

Well, no.

Debbie instead allowed her "spirit guide" to transport her to the past so that she could find out once and for all if Terri had killed her colleague. Of course.

Then she went on to say how the dead colleague had gone on to forgive Terri in the afterlife, and even apologised to Terri for the bullying behaviour.

Oh, and for good measure, she also passed on the message that the bully had been having sex with Terri's dad, and that Terri's nan wanted her to wear lilac. Because why not?

So what did Terri think of this. Maybe something along the lines of "hmmm, that doesn't seem quite right" or "but my dad definitely didn't have sex with my bully, so something's amiss here".

Nope. Terry decided that that laid the issue to rest.

Here's hoping that lilac is the new black.

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