29 people who think they're the Archbishop of Banterbury

The Archbishop of Banterbury is the most sought after position in Britain. Here are some pure Bantasaurus Rexes that put themselves forward as candidates for the top job...

29) Bantasaurus Rex right here...

Bantasaurus Rex archbishop banterbury

Don't let him have a broom. He sweeps if you give him a broom. BANTER!

28) These guys should have gone to Bantanemo Bay

student banter

3.5 pints! Each!! Imagine how wild!

27) Immanual Bant

"Spoon banter! Spoons spoons spoons spoons!"

26) The Bantom of the Opera here

"This one time I was so wasted I didn't hang up my attire before bed!"

25) All aboard the Bantmobile...

"What crazy things happened here??"

24) Bantony Hopkins

"A WHOLE can! All of it! Banter!"

23) Bantonio Banteras

22) The Banti-christ

"What are you doing you f*cking maniac??"

21) Absolutely Bantastic

"We bought carrots! Banter, banter, banter..."

20) I can't believe it's not banter...

"He followed my instructions! LMFAO!"

19) Ed Milibant

"You're a bant-dad, you know that?"

18) Barack Obanter

"I sit in baths! In people clothes!! Imagine if I tried crack!"

17) Give this guy some sugar and then climb aboard the banter bus!

"Go out with me, give me sugar, who knows what kind of lids are gonna end up on what. I'm just that kind of crazy motherf*cker."

16) Bantomime

"We bant by our own rules."

15) Ho ho ho, it's Banta Claus...

With his signature shoe-hat, that's Banta Claus all right.

14) Mr 3 likes...

Come on people, rally together! The man will eat a TOMATO! DO IT FOR THE BANTS!

13) Bread and banter

"Just to clear it up I'm also the king of banter. Bread! On my fucking head! AH HA HA HA HA BANTER!"

12) Apple bants

"I see an apple, I take a bant of it."

11) Pineapple bants

"We see a pineapple, we take some photos with a pineapple."

10) At the copa - copa cobanter

"Just try and stop me."

9) Bubble bants

"He was batheing! To get clean! F*cking lunatic!"

8) Unexpected bants in the banting area...

"Clean-up in aisle bants."

7) Happy bantday

"Oh you banted me alright. You banted the f*ck out of me."

6) This banterking...

"Will the real Bant Shady please bant up?"

5) Yog bants

"You wouldn't get this kind of banter in a bantalow. No stairs."

4) Toilet bants

"He photographed me urinating without my permission. Top banter / sex crime."

3) This madman


2) Any dog experts, is this a banty collie?

Ok this guy took it too far. You don't get to be the archbishop of banterbury. This guy does...

1) And the archbishop of banterbury himself...

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