People who swear are much f*&$ing smarter than everyone else

People who swear are much f*&$ing smarter than everyone else, a study has found.

Until now there has been a general assumption that people who swear more do so because they lack the vocabulary to come up with a less sweary alternative. Well, that assumption turns out to be utter bull-sh*t. Just utter sh*tty horse-piss.

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts investigated the link between swearing and vocabulary, and the results will blow your tiny f*cking minds. Kristin and Timothy Jay, lead researchers on the study, investigated the link between swearing and vocabulary by asking participants to name as many swear words as they could in a minute.

They were then tasked with listing as many non-swear words and animals beginning with a specific letter within the same time frame.

They found that people fluent swearers could also name more non-swearwords, indicating that they had a much bigger vocabulary and a stronger grasp of language than those who couldn't name many profanities.

If you want to show how intelligent you are, it's time to start dropping f-bombs in your essays.

The research, published in Language Sciences, suggested: "The ability to generate taboo language is not an index of overall language poverty."

This is the first study that proves "fluency is fluency", regardless of taboo aspects of word meanings.

They also found there was "no overall sex difference in taboo word generation", meaning women know just as many swear words as men, because obviously this isn't 19-f*cking-20.

The study has also provided hundreds of journalists everywhere with an excuse to go foulmouthed throughout their entire sh*tting articles, in order to prove how intelligent they are. One last one, we promise: Pisscakes.