27 people who instantly regretted asking the internet to roast them

These people asked the internet to roast them. Unfortunately they forgot the golden rule of the internet: the internet is made of dicks.

27) This person, who the internet spotted had eyes

26) This guy, who regrets it even as he takes the photograph

25) This guy who probably actually used photoshop to achieve this effect

24) This guy who thought he was immune

23) Dobby the house elf

22) This lady, who forgot the internet is for perverts

21) This lady, who forgot the internet aren't just perverts: they're dicks as well

20) This guy from Spongebob Squarepants

19) This guy, whose game is up

18) This lady, who needs to learn to focus just behind the camera and also remember the internet is made of dicks

17) This guy, who is now single

16) This dude, who is young enough to know the internet is a dick

15) This Maris Piper (see, I told you the internet is a dick - even I've got in on the action to prove the point. Even though she is beautiful and in no way like a potato)

14) This person who probably gets enough of this at school

13) This guy, who got left alone for some reason - he might be unroastable

12) David Cameron's son

11) This lady, who also hasn't figured out yet that the internet is for ghastly perverts

10) This default human

9) This guy getting webmd'd by dicks

8) This handsome chap

7) This person who likes reddit, but only because she's never read it

6) This dude who forgot, and I can't stress this enough, that the internet is an arsehole

5) This lady who also forgot the rules of the internet

4) This divorcee

3) This guy who forgot the internet is a dick AND has access to all the photos on the internet

2) This guy who should have showered first - help yourself here, dude

1) This man without tweezers