People used Pokemon Go to piss off the Westboro Baptist Church. They didn't react well.

In some of the most bizarre news of recent time, people have been using Pokemon Go to piss off the Westboro Baptist Church.

In case you don't know who the Westboro Baptist Church are, they're the hate-filled fundamentalist church in America who picket the funerals of gay people. They also tweet horrible things like this...

So, when people realised that the church itself is a Pokemon Go gym (a place where Pokemon Go players gather to do battle), they decided to do something to piss them off.

The way you do that? Of course you take over the church using a Clefairy named Love Is Love (a slogan used by LGBT groups).

And that's precisely what one Clefairy owner did...

And it worked. Bizarrely the Westboro Baptist Church must be really into Pokemon Go, because they got seriously pissed off that their church was firmly under the control of one bad-ass Clefairy.

Immediately they began getting weird, declared Clefairy a "sodomite" and released a vine in which "Jigglypuff" can be heard saying "repent or perish".

Yep. They called Clefairy, a Pokemon who let's not forget doesn't exist, a sodomite. The vine is even weirder.

They also released several other horrendous videos in which Pokemon sing hate speech. The fact that Clefairy owns their building really seems to have touched a nerve.

People have taken to twitter to point out how bitter the Westboro Baptist Church have been about the whole thing.

And point out the obvious...

And if you need any more proof that the Westboro Baptist Church are completely deluded, they genuinely are now preparing to win back their church / gym using a Pidgey.

A f*cking Pidgey.

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