26 (unintentionally) hilarious photos taken by people trying to sell mirrors

Selling mirrors online is difficult, as these pictures show. Should you be in the shot? Should you wear trousers, maybe show a sexy bit of foot? Here are some genuine(ly odd) ways people have tried to sell their mirrors on Craigslist.

26) Rule number one - make it ambiguous whether you're selling the mirror, or are a prostitute

"It says he's selling the mirror, but he seems to be drawing a lot of attention to his crotch. Maybe I'll offer some cash, see what he's up for."

25) Mirrors - for dog

"You have dog who needs to see his own butt? Buy mirror for dog."

24) Depressing insight into lives of sellers

"Will you hurry up so we can get back to our depressing lives, dear."

23) Sexy older guy sells mirror

"Show a bit of leg, it'll sell quicker."

22) Hairy guy who couldn't be bothered to put a top on not included

"Brian can you put a top on before you do that?"

"I'm selling a f*&king mirror, not the queen, I'm not putting a top on."

21) Sometimes selling a mirror is a family occasion...

"Jimmy, you get on the floor and look up at your daddy. I'll stand here with my top off and Danny, you just sit there with your legs nice and wide now. Daddy's gots himself a mirror to sell."

20) Noble attempt to stay out of shot number one...

Not quite... think I can see you...

19) This mirror is not for Canadians

"And I won't SELL it to no goddamn Canadians, neither! This is an AMERICAN mirror for AMERICAN flags and AMERICAN crotches!"

18) Buy a mirror from a guy who lives somewhere much nicer than you...

"Jesus Christ, Carl."


"You know what. You're trying to get the damn palm tree in shot again."

17) This guy neatly avoids being seen in the mirror

"What if they think I have a fan for a head?"

"You're overthinking this, George..."

16) THE mirror for viewing your cat at several angles at the same time

15) Mirror not selling? Put a dog in it

Dog not included.

14) Needs more dog

Dog pondering own existence not included.

13) Mirror brag number one - "I own a van"

Van not included.

12) Hypno-dog not included

All praise hypno-dog.

11) Person weirdly comfortable with only having their crotch in the photo, number one...

"I don't care what they see, as long as it's not my face."

10) Trousers? F*ck trousers...

"People will look past my naked, hairy form, they've got a mirror to buy for f*ck's sake."

9) Mirror brag number two - I own two pieces of a Volkswagen

"One day I will also own a mirror large enough to display my glorious Volkswagen."

8) Murder suspect number one

"Tasks for today - 1) sell mirror 2) move bones"

7) Mirror brag number three - "I own a plank"

"If I sell mirror - I can spend more time with plank."

6) One last photo with the family mirror

"Try not to cry son. Hold back them tears, we'll get another mirror and we'll love it just as much."

5) Is this... is this definitely your mirror to sell?

You're doing a good job of hiding your face, for someone who "definitely 100% currently owns a mirror".

4) And the "most tasteful crotchshot in an online mirror advert award" goes to...

"One more, and then I'll take off a layer and take some more."

3) Tasteful, sexy bit of foot...

Naughty, sexy mirror.

2) Have one banana but need to look like you own two bananas? Have we got the appliance for you...

Free banana with every purchase.

1) This is a (very) right wing mirror...

(Pause for applause at visual pun).

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