People who knew celebrities back at school and uni reveal what they were like

Redditors who knew celebrities back at school and uni have been revealing what they were like back then. Of course, they were mostly god-awful, with the exception of Leonardo Di Caprio...

8) Kit Harington

"I went to school with Kit (Christopher) Harington. Genuine, very nice, slightly intense guy. Always friendly. Sat next to him in maths and he kept playing with his ruler like it was an aeroplane, making aeroplane noises till the teacher told him to stop."

"Slight annoyance - whenever I performed in a drama evening, my parents would talk non-stop about his performance the whole way home. He was good, even back then."

7) Lady Gaga needs to focus more on her school work

"One of my professors taught Lady Gaga at NYU. She said Gaga used to stand up after class every day and tell everyone to come out and see the gigs she was playing in."

"Lady Gaga wasn’t doing very well in the class, so my professor asked to meet with her. She told her that maybe if she focused more on her school work and less on her gigs, she’d be more successful…Awkward…"

6) Mariah Carey was a diva

"My hair stylist was Mariah Carey's cosmetology teacher when she attended BOCES vocational school in Greenlawn/Huntington, New York."

"Said Mariah was a bit of a diva, and was not terribly interested in learning the trade of hair and makeup. Wanted to sing instead. I guess that worked out."

5) John Travolta was very annoying

"My English teacher had John Travolta in his basketball team that he coached at the time, he said he was very annoying and he told him that he wouldn't make it anywhere in life."

4) Matthew McCaughney was alright alright alright

"My mother's best friend taught Matthew Mccaughney. She said he was one of her favorite students because he was so sweet. Apparently he came to see her and talk to her class when he first started acting. Seems pretty cool."

3) Bill Murray broke records

"Bill Murray went to my high school way before me but there is a story that I would like to believe is real, that he got the record for most amount of detentions for someone who graduated from the school and when a kid broke it years later he took him out to lunch."

2) David Bowie needs to learn about finances

"There’s one of David Bowies reports in my old Secondary School, which reads, 'David is a quiet student who needs to stop playing with his motorcycles and learn that music will not make him a liveable wage.'"

1) Leonardo DiCaprio was adorable

"Leonardo DiCaprio—didn’t get along well with the other kids, came in during lunch to eat with the teachers and faculty."


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