People outraged at TK Maxx over 'sexist' clothing

Large retailer TK Maxx has found itself in trouble this week as customers accuse the brand of making sexist children's clothing.

Children's clothing isn't hard to make. It need only be comfortable, resistant to mud and grass stains, and oh yeah, not sexist.

So while TK Maxx may have fulfilled the first two criteria, people have criticised their attempt to meet the last.

This week, photos of the brand's children's clothing section surfaced on a Facebook group 'Let Clothes Be Clothes' - a group that seeks to expose retailers that make clothing with sexist or stereotypical slogans.

The photos showed a pair of bibs with one reading 'BOY GENIUS' and a pink one reading 'Ready for my #selfie.'

Another clearly gendered set read 'Smarty pants' and 'I woke up this cute', with the smarty pants one being green, a stereotypically 'boyish' colour, and the latter being pink, again another stereotypically feminine colour.

Whilst some people have been quick to jump to the 'they're only clothes, don't buy them if you don't like them defence', or others have said 'it's just a joke, focus on real problems', it's this everyday sexism that ingrains within young girls that they're born merely for the vapid, insipid purpose of looking aesthetically pleasing, whilst men are born with the gift of intelligence.

If, from the age at which you wear a bib, let's say below the age of 4, you are seeing messages everywhere that boys are clever and girls are objects of beauty, only good for a '#selfie', it's not a big jump to see why girls grow up with feelings of inadequacy, and worse, imposter syndrome.

Girls should be encouraged to be geniuses and smarty pants in the same capacity as boys, rather than being repeatedly objectified for their looks.