21 people in hilariously aggressive 'note wars' with their neighbours

You think your neighbours are bad? You could live next to these neighbours, who are definitely going to hell...

21) The exorcist

Unfortunately the power of Christ can only compel demons between the hours of 10pm and 4am, Friday and Saturday night. Beelzebub works in mysterious ways.

20) Steve

"That was my spittin' window long before you moved in, and it'll be my spittin' window long after you move out."

19) Santa Clause?

Someone should check on this person. They may have died sometime in December.

18) This dog...

Or dog owner?? This needs clarifying...

17) This pan flute enthusiast

Or at least play jazz pan flute.

16) This poet

Poetry is worse than all the noises described. Didn't even follow a recognisable rhyming structure.

15) This psychopath

"You can't get mad at me for using racial slurrs, I'm playing Call of Duty for God's sake. It's expected of me."

14) This dude who's all about the bass

Strictly bass. No treble.

13) This kitten punching plant thief

We know you're punching our plants, dude. That is LOW.

12) This person who "had to" do this...

"Alright, you got me. I wanted to do this."

11) This person who is willing to throw poo in your mouth

And the person who won't poop scoop, we guess.

10) This old lady, and the person who's willing to murder her in order to protect the bin

"That is MY garbage. I reserve my right to commit murder in order to defend MY garbage."

9) These people who sound like they're fit enough to use the stairs


8) This couple, and the person who critiqued them...

"Yeah, that notes fine. I'm sure I didn't go into too much detail there. Well, better post this online before I deliver it..."

7) These loud, pedantic neighbours

"There's nothing I love more than cranking up the volume on my Take That album and correcting people."

6) This pool thief... presumed drowned

RIP pool thief.

5) This person, who isn't a flute fan

This is how you get talent. You keep practicing and practicing until one day your audience doesn't tell you to shove your flute up your bum. That's how Chopin learned.

4) Jack Bauer, here

3) This guy, who isn't concerned about thieves or clothes

But is a huge rhyme fan.

2) Simon Cowell, here...

And the "ear shitters" he lives next to.

1) These folk, forcing cats to smoke...

"Do you know how hard it is to get a cat to vape??? DO YOU???