People have spotted a pretty major problem with this Absolut advert

Drink adverts are difficult. You may not have noticed, but you aren't even allowed to show people drinking alcoholic beverages in adverts any more, which makes it somewhat more difficult to show people enjoying their drinks.

Hence why you're more likely to see people dancing with their drinks, or just a picture of the bottle with a liquid swirling around the outside of it.

But some companies are taking the effort to innovate with their drink adverts. Like this beer company, for instance, who've created quite the striking image from their beer bottles.

Absolut on the other hand, seem to be having a tough time of it. People have spotted something wrong with their latest attempts at marketing.

It's a bit of a doozy.

They've been sending around reps wearing a dress with their name written across it in big letters. Unfortunately, the way the dress folds shortens the name, and omits the O.

Here is one of the reps at work, who was apparently photographed by Absolut for their campaign.

People have been debating whether she knows or not on reddit, with the consensus being that she Absolutly knows what's going on.

But others have been quick to call it an Absolut Fail.

This isn't the first major cock-up Absolut have made over the past 6 months. In December they annoyed a lot of South Koreans with their advert, in which they accidentally used an image of a South Korean protest in order to sell their vodka.

Pretty much all the comments on their advert are from South Koreans telling them how insensitive they are.