People have been tweeting their 'sh*t teas' and they are awful!

Tea. Quintessentially British. Beautifully simple. Everyone has their preference for how they like it: one sugar, two sugars, green or herbal.

Tea is loved by the majority of people in this country, just today we had a huge delivery of 2000 teabags, which will probably last until next week.

A staple of every building site, cafe and what your mum makes you when you're a bit down, tea is something that we have been making for hundreds of years, it is in our identity, so there is no excuse for us to fuck it up.

But somehow, this lot have.

Twitter is awash with pictures of '#shitcuppas' and '#weaktes,' from disgruntled colleagues, customers and tea-lovers who have been left disappointed with the brew made for them.

@skinnymilk79 apparently doesn't like much milk in her brew.

This disappointment came from one of the most popular coffee shops in the country!

This atrocity has left Chanelle baffled:

And finally, this level of weakness should be a felony:

For those who made these cups of warm milk, here is how a tea should be made. Take it away Doc Brown: