People have been posting their selfies on Facebook for strangers to comment... and immediately regret it

Online trends are weird. Whether people are just bored, or think something will be funny and catch on, they will do anything to be part of something viral.

In the past month or so there have been four challenges or trends that have gone viral: the Mannequin Challenge, ‘what does it look like I do for a living?’ on twitter, the rucksack challenge, and finally this:

Possibly the most narcissistic social media trend ever created, brave people on Facebook have been posting pictures of themselves to a group called 'Roast my selfie' to allow strangers to comment on them.

We have already brought you 27 people who immediately regretted asking the internet to roast them, check that out here.

This time, the comments are ridiculously brutal, with some going a bit overboard.

Strangers have been commenting, saying we should "kill it with fire," asking if they are related to Tulisa from N-Dubz when she had her trout pout, and suggesting a man worked on his body so much because his "face is a mess."

And this isn't even on the 18+ page.

You do have to have a pretty thick skin, well at least comfortable in your own, to be able to survive the onslaught of abuse and everyone pointing out every flaw.

But if it is a bit of fun, then go for it. Rather you than me.