Hidden Facebook feature lets people see every photo you've ever liked

If you like way too many of your own selfies on Facebook, or accidentally liked an exes' beach holiday photos from 2010, we've got some very bad news. It's possible for your friends to see every photo you've ever liked on Facebook, all in a few quick and easy steps.

There's a hidden feature on Facebook that allows you to see every photo you (or any of your friends) have ever liked. Every last photo, even the ones you accidentally liked when blackout drunk and then forgot about.

All you need to do is head to Facebook and enter in the search bar "photos liked by" and then put your friend's name (if you'd like to stalk their likes) or "me" if you'd like to find out what photos you've liked, and unlike them before your friends have a chance to stalk you.

Just start typing "photos liked by me" and Facebook will try and tempt you into stalking your friend Michael.

You can also use the hidden feature to see what videos, pages and groups your friends like, once you've gone through every embarrassing selfie they've ever liked in the many years they've had Facebook.

Damage control

Before your friends find this feature, you can do damage control by going to the "photos liked by me" section, and unliking any photos you don't want your friends / boyfriend / girlfriend to think you like, e.g. of you making out with your ex at a party.

Or you can quickly like a whole bunch of photos and memes in the meantime so that your friends / lover gets bored, and doesn't scroll down too far.

Friends only

Fortunately this feature only works with people you are still friends with on Facebook, so if you are no longer friends with your ex on Facebook, they won't be able to use this as a brand-new, quick and convenient way to stalk you.

If you're still friends with them, however, it's open season.

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