17 students who are done with this "essay" sh*t

Here are 17 students who are done with this essay sh*t, and the techniques they used to sleep in libraries and toilets undisturbed.

17) This lady, employing the "put your head on one book, and pretend you're reading two more books in brail" technique

Shhh, don't wake her.

16) This lady using the "if I fits I sleeps" technique, learned from cats

Shhh, nothing to see here.

15) This guy, using the "I don't give a sh*t, I sleep where I want" technique

"Oh you need to get a book near me, huh? You should have thought about that before I settled down for bedtime. You all saw me making cocoa."

14) This lady employing the "I will soon need a chiropractor" three-step technique

Step one: find desk

Step two: ruin spine

Step three: sleep

13) This guy, who doesn't give a damn about your "work space"

"You mean my bed? This is my bed."

12) This guy, using the "become a tourist attraction" technique

"They'll let me sleep here, people will come take photos with me, it'll be good for business."

11) This guy, using three chairs and a desk

"People need to study, but I need to sleep. Screw those guys."

10) This dude, who got defeated by the dewey decimal system

"Can't go on... It's just...so...boring..."

9) This guy, hiding behind his Coke

"They can't see me because I'm behind my Coke."

8) This guy, pretending to be two guys wearing one hat

"I'll just rest my eyes. They'll never know."

7) This lady, using the "what? What?? I'm still awake." technique

"I'm awake! I'm holding a pen - you can't kick me out if I'm holding a pen. Now let me sl... study. Let me study. With my sleeping pen."

6) This guy in his backwards coat, hiding behind a pile of books

"Coffee didn't work. Time for a coat-nap."

5) This mess

That's not good sleeping.

4) This Plymouth student asleep in a urinal

Using the classic "I'm so drunk this toilet looks comfy" technique.

3) This one is the library's fault

"Chair too comfy, sleep inevitable."

2) This guy in a hoodie and his lookout

"You take first shift whilst I nap then we switch, right? Right Jeff? Oh for christ's sake you're asleep already. Well f*ck this, I'm sleeping too."

1) This book

Nothing to see here, librarians, just some books.

Like this? Check out the UK uni that's created 'snooze room' to encourage napping. All other unis can go to hell.