People keep playing Pokemon Go at funerals

Virtually everyone is playing Pokemon Go at the moment. It's tough to put it down. Really tough. In fact even during funerals, people still won't put the damn game down.

Like this guy.

For reference, it's definitely worse that you know he's there. Squirtle doesn't know what he's doing.

On the bright side, Pokemon does seem to be cheering people up on sad days...

But a lot of people are questioning why all the Pokestops have to be on graves.

And other people are complaining about a lack of Pokemon at funerals.


Even Lizzie Borden's grave is a gym.

And a lot of people feel like they're Burke and Hare.

Or worse...

And they're even tresspassing at night, getting tresspassing warnings in fricking graveyards in order to capture Psyducks.

And bumping into family, who are also trespassing / grave robbing.

And hopping graveyard fences...

And making graveyard friends. They're not even goths.

Graveyard friends!

So if you're on the fence about whether it's acceptable to capture pokemon at a graveyard...

Don't be. It's fine, apparently.

Even at 9am on a Friday.

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