People are sharing their old ASOS saved items and they're nostalgic af

Remember when those Topman two-tone grandad tees were the height of fashion? And your outfit wasn't complete unless you were wearing an oversized bow headband? Yep, that was the late noughties - it was a dark time for clothing.

That was the sentiment shared by Twitter user Kirby A. Partington, who found out that ASOS never deletes your saved items, leading to a trip down memory lane.

Kirby checked her saved items only to find some absolute gems from the days of Hadouken! and Skins.

That would've been such a look in '07, especially those pumps. When she told her followers about this, they also realised they'd been coveting some "questionable" items themselves.

Remember when ASOS used to say, "in the style of" different celebrities? Yes, because of course we want to look like a member of The Sugababes or someone from Big Brother.

The nostalgia is real, and so is the shame.