People are laughing at this animal rights poster's massive fail

Animal rights campaigns are always a bit hit or miss...

Exhibit A.

Often meaning well but totally missing the mark, animal rights groups tend to end up as the butt of the joke, as the Beagle Freedom Project recently found out with this poster:

The poster aimed to shame companies that still unnecessarily test on animals, which on first appearances seemed like a pretty good campaign.

Except, well... there were some companies on there that you'd sort of .. hope tested on animals?

Yep... that's Purina, the well-known PET FOOD brand 🤔 . I mean, you'd sincerely HOPE they tested their ANIMAL food on ANIMALS, cos I don't know about you but my dog's food looks and smells like shit, but he seems to enjoy it.

And no, it didn't stop there either, IAMS, a DOG FOOD company, apparently also tests on animals. Shock. People were quick to ask how the BFP expected to test these animal products if not on animals:

As well as including animal based companies on their poster, there were also some... surprising companies in there too:

So apparently Soundcloud, the online streaming company, also tests on animals...? I mean...

BIC, a stationary company known for it's pens and lighters, were also amongst those named, which... well...

'Actually, it's a bit inky for me'

Looks like the lighters are working fine

To be fair to the BFP, the rest of the companies on there, which included huge make up brands like Bobbi Brown and Revlon, have literally no excuse.

We certainly hope that despite the light people are making of the poster that they take on board the cruelty some of these companies are still perpetuating.