People are infuriated by this 'offensive' National Trust product

Another day, another Twitter accusation of #EverydaySexism.

A woman has accused the National Trust of sexism over a hat she found on sale at one its parks.

Twitter user Laura Goss shared a photo of a pink hat for sale at Tatton Park, which read 'Future Footballers Wife'

Aside from its terrible grammar and the fact that the England ladies team have won more in recent years than England men have in the last decade, the hat is clearly fairly outdated and derogatory. The distastefulness of the hat is made all the more ironic by the National Trust's recent attempts to increase participation in outdoor activities amongst all genders:

National Trust were quick to respond to Laura's complaint, with the hats being removed from sale pretty quickly:

However, people weren't wholly satisfied with the response, claiming that this issue went beyond 'offence caused', but to the perpetuation of outdated gender stereotypes that discourage girls from being as active outdoors as their male counterparts:

The National Trust have since clarified that Tatton Park is managed by Cheshire East Council, meaning that the product was not produced by the National Trust, merely sold at a property they manage: