People are hilariously trolling Groupon for one of it's inappropriate looking products

The deals and coupon site Groupon is being relentlessly trolled because of one it's more... inappropriate looking products.

The company uploaded a post to it's Facebook page saying that it was 'contractually obliged' to let it's subscribers know when the 'Banana Bunker' product was available on it's website:

It's not what you think... get your mind out the gutter

The 'Banana Bunker' is a case to stop bananas from getting bruised in people's bags. But the design... well... looks just a little inappropriate. Facebook commenters were quick to start making the jokes, but it was Groupon that were having the last laugh:

Looks like who ever made the Banana Bunker really cocked up the design, but it sure is bringing everyone a hell of a lot of joy:

We love you, Groupon employee. You deserve a pay rise for sure.