People are furious at the Met Police for this weird and misguided tweet

Twitter can be a minefield for companies and public figures, and a lot of them do end up making dicks out of themselves.

Just like the London Met Police have today with this weird af tweet.

Don't see the correlation between Carnival, which happens next week in North West London, and Catford in South East London? Yeah, us neither.

London police have long been accused of demonising the Notting Hill Carnival, which is Europe's biggest street festival.

They have introduced a number of harsh security measures, including using unregulated face recognition software which some groups have called unlawful.

They've also continually highlighted the number of arrests made at Carnival in the media, despite others arguing that the percentage is no higher than that at the likes of Glastonbury.

The reactions to their tweet range from serious to funny.

Even Stormzy got involved.

It's obvious that the police have beef with Notting Hill Carnival, but surely they didn't think people would fall for this obvious reach?

Who would even take heroin at a carnival? The two destinations are miles apart, in different boroughs, and different zones...

Our boy Sadiq has yet to respond to this, and Met Police haven't released a statement explaining or apologising.

Either way, someone on their social media team is going to be having a BAD TIME today.