People are extremely angry about this Nivea ad, for obvious reasons 😳

It can't be easy going up against Dove when it comes to adverts. But it appears that Nivea aren't really trying any more, and have started putting out white propaganda instead.

White supremacist slogan

People have been venting their anger and confusion today at Nivea, after they put an advert out on Facebook a few nights ago, using a white supremacist slogan "WHITE IS PURITY".

Nivea for some reason posted this advert on their Middle East Facebook page, where it was met with astonishment and disdain.

But it was also welcomed by Alt Right Groups (Nazis) who commented their support on the post.

1488, which was commented by several people, is a code used by white supremacist groups.

Nivea have since removed the post, and apologised to one person who complained on twitter.

But that hasn't exactly silenced everyone's complaints.

The advertisement ran back in 2011, until it was pulled after very similar complaints.